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Written By Fakunle Sheriff Ekundayo

The backstory of how Nollywood actress continues to battle Lupus beyond cosmic speculations

The unpleasant feelings of emotional fear that have intruded into the beautiful career of Nollywood actress, Kemi Afolabi has depicted a dark shadow on her glistering profession as a movie producer and actress. And while families, friends, close associates, and fans demonstrated their solidarities on various social media platforms with words of encouragement that were embedded with empathy and sympathy to commemorate her 44th birthday, the looming fear of anxiety that the mother of one, will cope with behind the curtain of survival is the Lupus debacle speculated to end her life at 47, writes Fakunle Sheriff Ekundayo.

Birthday is an ‘August’ celebration for every individual once a year. It comes with emotional fanfare that boosts the social influence and self-esteem of a celebrant. Humanity is at its best, if the personality involved is a female celebrity, especially when her social media platforms are flooded with superlative birthday messages. And the celebrant in return would adorn herself with trendy apparel suitable for her special day.

These and many more may not delude the fantasies of Nollywood actress; Kemi Afolabi today, as she clocks 44. The strong will to survive and suppress an ailment that has been declared incurable appears to be the backstory of her superficial happiness at this moment of her social and spiritual existence.

For Kemi Afolabi, the Ogun State-born actress is expected to pray for long life and prosperity in every of her emotional prayer today, being her birthday, but the unspeakable appears louder than her reality, and if the look of those 11 doctors who broke the news of her ailment some few weeks back was anything to go by, she can probably be consumed with a mishmash of emotional conjecture, not suitable for happiness and the future on this 44th birthday celebration the thespian.

Lupus, an incurable ailment that Kemi Afolabi is diagnosed with is said to change her life completely. And part of the major defects this terminal disease comes with is that she should have light, which is an essential component in her source of livelihood as an actress. For Kemi Afolabi, it is time for her to embrace the light of God and hope that the medications recommended would sustain her beyond the 5years life span medical doctors proclaimed she was going to live!

For this moment on her 44th birthday, Kemi Afolabi should be proud beyond the facade of her glaring fears from Lupus that her medical conditions are not a limitation to the expression of her happiness. She has truly dared the monster, and it is necessary that she enjoys all the pleasantries that came with this day.

Today is a refresher on her ill health, having spent over N1.2 million naira to keep herself alive from Lupus. Families, friends, and well-wishers must take this as a challenge by making Kemi Afolabi see the beauty of life beyond 47. And while it will be foolhardy to contest with empirical evidence from a scientific survey that puts her life span at 47, a figment of her family’s imaginations would hope and tarry on the miracle of God, for Kemi to live for many more decades on earth!

Lupus disease, which is a rare health condition that occurs when the body’s immune system attacks tissues and organs may have cast a looming eclipse of a brighter life for this university of Lagos law graduate, but to her family and daughter, Darasimi, the hope for a new day is on the horizon, and Kemi must not deter as she reflects about her survival every passing day.

It does not matter how she has come around and faced her fears ever since the proclamation about her ill health, there is hope beyond the curtain of fears that had been spread in her worldview. This is the time to reflect on her creative ingenuity as a movie content producer and script creator. She must become the metaphor of hope and survival in the face of indisputable medical predicament by staying true to herself, and reflecting on the beautiful side of life, even when her backstory on the reality of Lupus stares at her in the face while alone after today’s beautiful birthday messages.

For Kemi Afolabi Adesipe, we shall not count today as the second year from the five years that was declared for you to live. And in the minds of your families and well-wishers, Lupus should not be proud, because you have just begun a life of shinny legacies that will outlive you beyond 44.

Happy birthday to you Kemi….

Written By Fakunle Sheriff Ekundayo

Fakunle Sheriff Ekundayo is the editor at Project 3:16 Metro, an online news platform for rural and urban areas. He is also the Principal Partner and Editor-in-Chief at Project 3:16 Metro Newspaper. His youth advocacy and academic drive have made him discover the need to bridge the gap between youths, communities, and government institutions through his journal; Project 3:16 Metro. This he has also modified with the company’s website page,

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