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Written By Fakunle Sheriff Ekundayo

The Queen mother; Ogechi Lucy Akaedu is maritally engaged; the world can pause and feel the moment with us for eternity!
Never in the history of Ajegunle has there been a Community Based Organization {CBO}, that is particularly dedicated with the ‘Girl child Education’ like the way the founder of Face of Ajegunle {FOA}, beauty pageant does.
For the modish Ogechi, she has transformed young and aspiring girls into maturity and stardom in Ajegunle, and we are proud of who she has become, what she has done, and the positive impact of her beauty pageant in Ajeromi-Ifelodun Local Government Area and beyond.

Having converted her pet dream into reality with the maiden Face of Ajegunle beauty pageant show in 2014, Ogechi has never relented, and she has shot her way into prominence and global excellence, with each episode of FOA.
She remains the only social influencer with dynamic compassion for girls’ development at the grassroots. The infusion of talent discovery, self-confidence, and talent molding, are some of the significant traits, aspiring contestants at FOA are made to undergo while camping for the grand finale of the beauty pageant.
Being a smart lady with an eye for quality, she engaged her pet project with the best brains in social services for the overall success of FOA. By this, the girls are empowered with business skills, public speaking and eloquence, social relationships, poise, and more importantly, self-worth and economic independence! 

Ogechi’s humble social relationships and professionalism earned her a spot at the beauty pageant competition in Italy, where she represented Nigeria in 2016. It was a moment that shot the image of Ajegunle to the world, as she demonstrated a beautiful and revered gold that emanated from the slum rhetorically.
For every year that FOA is organized in Ajegunle, the thematic composure of each event has symbolically defined and refined participating contestants, towards self-discovery and talents development.
To us, Ogechi Lucy Akaedu who is the CEO of Olucee brand has contributed positively to the growth of the girl-child in Ajegunle. She has provided a reputable platform for several girls to grow and explore their God-given talents positively, and she has earned that respectable personality as a social entrepreneur, who has contributed immensely by projecting Ajegunle in Ajeromi-Ifelodun Local Government Area, into global acceptance.
The community is proud of your new status Ogechi. You have led by example once you exhibited marital commitment with Paul; your fiance, and we are naturally excited that you have demonstrated significance through emotional responsibility, as you prepare for a new life filled with eternal marital bliss.
Be happy. Remain convinced of your new path, and never be afraid to express how beautiful life can be when you are in love. 
Remember that you are beautifully created. You are sassy, sociable, creatively imaginative, selflessly elegant, confident, bold, ravishing, and gifted with one of the most enchanting skin that was ever created by God!
As a catwalk model and queen of the runway, you are endowed with hot legs that crave moderation, in order to dazzle the spotlight with the grace of a tigress!

The humility that you inherited from your late mother is the torch to the path of your success. Keep it with the purest of honesty; whether in the time of harvest or famine, because it will never disappoint you. You deserve it all, for you have given so much for humanity in your own way.
Cheers to a new social status, and be joyful because your beautiful life has just begun.
Congratulations to you Ogechi, on your engagement to Paul…

Written By Fakunle Sheriff Ekundayo

Fakunle Sheriff Ekundayo is the editor at Project 3:16 Metro, an online news platform for rural and urban areas. He is also the Principal Partner and Editor-in-Chief at Project 3:16 Metro Newspaper. His youth advocacy and academic drive have made him discover the need to bridge the gap between youths, communities, and government institutions through his journal; Project 3:16 Metro. This he has also modified with the company’s website page,

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