• Oba AbdulFatai Oyeyimika Aromire, Oba of Ijora Kingdom paved peace move, instruct both warring Ba’ales to educate their people on resolved territorial boundaries
  • “I didn’t know that this meeting was about territorial disputes, I accept those territories not to be mine,” Ba’ale Salami Gbengbeleku
  • “It is important that Ba’ale Ajegunle educate some of his family members on new territorial development as a measure of peace,”- Ba;ale Saheed Fakunle
  • December 29, 2015, territorial boundaries still stands – Ojora Royal Council


TENSION BREWING IN AIYETORO AND AJEGUNLE COMMUNITIES were resolved Thursday June 7, 2018 at the Palace of Ojora of Ijora Kingdom, Oba Abdul Fatai Oyeyimika Aremu Aromire.

The Ba’ales representing both communities, Ba’ale of Ajegunle, Ba’ale Salami Gbengbeleku and Ba’ale of Aiyetoro 1, Ba’ale Saheed Fakunle were at the palace with three members each from both camps to settle the territorial dispute that came to the fore, ever since December 29, 2015, after Ba’ale Saheed Fakunle was officially shown his territory by the Ojora Royal Council.

Tension began to brew in the peaceful communities when the Fakunle Chieftaincy family published territorial boundaries between Aiyetoro 1 and Aiyetoro 2, in December 2015.

According to Ba’ale Saheed Fakunle, “I was invited by Ba’ale Salami over the publication, and he expressed his disapproval at the inclusion of Ojora Street as part of his territory,” Ba’ale Saheed began.

However, in recent weeks, trouble began to loom when some boys believed to be families of Ba’ale Ajegunle went about and declare that Iyalode Street was not part of Aiyetoro 1 territory. And some streets such as Tesi, Sidi, Rufai, Olowojeunjeje and Boundary Road had been subject of disputes after it was learnt that Ba’ale Ajegunle had encroached on the Streets and claiming they were his territories, according to Ba’ale Sheed Fakunle.

Chief Yahyah, a member of the Ojora Royal Council during the meeting asked Ba’ale Salami Gbengbeleku unequivocally if truly he has lay claim to the said streets, as alleged by Ba’ale Saheed Fakunle; “Are these Streets mentioned, by Ba’ale Aiyetoro, that is Tesi, Rufai, Sidi, Olowojeunjeje and Boundary road part of your territory?”

Reacting to these allegations, Ba’ale Salami who is the Ba’ale of Ajegunle says he was ready to ensure peace in the communities as he cannot lay claims to these territories. “Peace is all that we should embrace, I hands off, they are not mine,” he said.

The Oba of Ijora Kingdom, Oba Aromire ordered that representatives of the two Ba’ales excuse them as other matters that led to the disputes were settled at closed doors