– Ajegunle prodigy and CEO of Fiam Wi-Fi, Akin Marinho says wireless service is a Social impact product meant to relief low income high density area of internet challenges.

– Says residents can get unlimited access to wireless service for as low as N400

– This wireless service will boost learning culture in public pry and secondary schools in Ajegunle- Ayoola



The administration of Hon. FataiAdekunleAyoola continues to break barriers in her giant stride to making Ajegunle and other neighbouring communities in Ajeromi-Ifelodun Local Government Area a developed city to reckoned with.


The Executive Chairman received a delegation of expertriates from Fiam Wi-Fi at the Council Mayor’s office on Friday.


Founder and leader of the wireless service, Akin Marinho, says Fiam Wi-Fi is a social impact Project introduced to residents of Ajegunle.


According to the Ajegunle born technocrat, Akin Marinho, “This project is for low-income high density area, but we are starting with Ajegunle because I grew up here.”


He said the initiative was designed to give back to the society where he grew up from.


On whether the Wi-Fi service is a test run in Ajegunle, Akin Marinho said the company planned on having soft launch in August 2019.


“We’re doing a 30 day pilot at the end of July, and from there we’ll get all the data that we will have managed to accumulate,” he revealed.


He said the company planned on building 500-600 hotspots which will be dotted around Ajegunle in order for people to have access to internet services.


“The price we’ll be offering people is N400 for a gig of data,” he said.


He went further to assure that there will be no expiration and validity period for the Fiam Wi-Fi.


“You can use it for 24/7, you can use it as little as you want, and there is nothing stopping you to use it for 6 months if it takes you that period to use,” he added.


On the part of the Council Chairman, Hon. Ayoola who commended Akin Marinho for planning to give back to Ajegunle where he grew up from, says his administration would be looking forward to working with Fiam Wi-Fi on free internet service for Library and ICT centre in Public Pry Schools inside AJIF LGA.


He said: “This is a novel idea that can transform our communities and develop the people through information sharing and innovations,” he said.


Hon. Ayoola urged the wireless service company to partner with the LGA on equipping public pry and secondary schools in Ajegunle with free internet Wi-Fi services.


Reacting to the request, an excited Fiam boss, Akin Marinho said his company would be willing to partner with the local government in order to use some of the local government’s offices to install their hardware, and be able to give schools free and reduced rate internet services.


He said with Fiam wireless, education will be digitalized in Ajegunle and such will aid learning process.


“With these, students can have access to the internet on their tablets which will help with learning,” he added.


Other sectors that the company is willing to explore according to Akin Marinho includes health, entertainment and the hospitality industry among others.