– Rampaging crowd jostled for Olumoh’s customized bags of rice

– Mrs. Achuka of 4a, Adeleye Close empowered with 20 crates of beverage drinks

– Mr. Razak, a Dry cleaner, carted home washing machine and pressing iron

– Mrs. Morenikeji Adebambo led other widows and elderly women to receive 5k stipend as part of Ramadan’s bumper gift

– As eminent Fadheelat Sheikh Al-Musa Yahyah Agboola’s brief sermon emphasized on the qualities of philanthropism as an antidote for prosperity


Fakunle Sheriff Ekundayo reports

Wednesday, May 22, 2019.


The annual Ramadan Public Lecture organized by Member-Elect, representing Ajeromi-Ifelodun Constituency 1, at the Lagos State House of Assembly, Hon. Lukmon Sa’ad Olumoh was held on Tuesday, at Turner Eradiri Street, inside Ifelodun Local Council Development Area.


The public lecture, now in its 27 years witnessed notable politicians from Ifelodun LCDA and Ajeromi-Ifelodun Local Government Area.


Guest lecturer for the day, Fadheelat Sheikh Al-Musa Yahyah Agboola delivered a brief but quality sermon for the day. He dwelled on the importance of generousity and its many advantages.


According to the revered Islamic clerics: “It is beneficial for mankind to give in order for him to receive in many folds,” he began.



Fadheelat  Sheikh Yahyah Agboola cautioned those in attendance to imbibe the spirit of generousity. In his words: “Being benevolent enables one to live longer.”


He prayed for the father of Hon. Lukmon Sa’ad Olumoh, who he said would be proud of the legacy he left behind.


“Your father will be proud that you are following in his footstep.”


The man of God also warned that parents should be careful of the legacy they are building, because the resultant effect of such would be evident in the kind of social and spiritual lifestyles of the children they left behind afterwards.


“Don’t blame God first for your misfortune, you should go back and reflect on what kind of legacy your father left behind.” He asserted.


Sheikh Fadheelat Yahyah thereafter prayed for Hon. Olumoh’s late parent, saying that Almighty Allah will continue to bless the souls of the late Fadilat Sheikh Alhaji Sadallah Olumoh and wife, late Alhaja Iya Metta Olumoh.


The highlights of the annual Ramadan public lecture were the distribution of customized Olumoh bags of rice, empowerment scheme and presentation of N5,000 stipends to widows and some elderly women in attendance.


Mrs. Achuka of 4a, Adeleye Close was empowered with twenty crates of beverages, and she collected 10 crates during the presentation. Mr. Razak, a Dry-cleaner was presented with a washing machine and Pressing-iron. And Mrs. Morenikeji Adebambo led other widows and elderly women numbering 50, to receive N5,000 stipends as part of the Ramadan bumper gifts for 2019.


While responding to questions from journalists at the event, an elated Member-Elect, Hon. Lukmon Sa’ad Olumoh said the empowerment and other activities at today’s event were part of the generous obligations to his community. According to bespectacled Lawmaker-Elect: “It is high time the people of Ajeromi-Ifelodun Constituency 1 enjoyed the dividends of democracy.”


He said further: “When I walked on the street and come across people with challenges, I give to them what I have in order to put smiles on their faces.”


The crowd favourite, Hon. Olumoh, who also is acclaimed to share similar benevolent traits with Hon. Fatai Ajidagba, Executive Chairman of Ifelodun LCDA, is bursting-up with anxiety to deliver on his electoral promises to the people of his Constituency.


“I plan to make my people proud and fulfil my promises to them after our inauguration in Alahusa as a full-fledged lawmaker of the Lagos State House of Assembly,” he said.