– Children in the neighbourhood are worst hit, as cow rearing restrict kids from playground at leisure
– Drama as some affected shop owners failed to speak-up, feared cow owner, Baba Miliki scorn


RESIDENTS OF OLUGBODE AND KEHINDE STREETS have raised alarm on the health implication and danger, rearing of cows on the street have become recently.

Speaking to Project 3:16 Metro, on Thursday May 31, 2018, Mr. Lukmon Adisa a resident of Kehinde Street, said it is improper to rear animal such as cow on the street, he said: “Cows are reared close to canal and not in residential areas,” he lamented. He said owner of the cows had been told to move the animal away from the street, several times but refused.

“We are calling on the government to intervene and save us from looming epidemic, most food vendors with shop are affected by the smell,” he added.

Mr. John, a resident of Olugbode Street, wanted government to look into the matter. “We will welcome government intervention. These cows are creating tension on the street, and may portend serious danger to children in the neighbourhood,” he concluded.

Mrs. Iyabode complained about the smell oozing from the street. “We are not comfortable with the hygienic nature affected by the smell of rearing cows on the street, we hope solution comes fast,” she said.

The cow owner who was simply referred to as Baba Miliki was not available during the interview. And some affected shop owners who turned down the invite to speak on the matter, was rumoured to be scared of Baba Miliki, owner of the cows.

It was also gathered that children in the streets are grossly affected, as some of them couldn’t play at will anymore, because they fear a cow may be on the loose.