“The lives of children in this community is at risk during rainy season, and we hope the state government will help us with the drainage system inside Oridilu community,” Ba’ale Lateef Alade Olatunji.

“The drainage system was poorly constructed, if the contractor had listened to our advise, we wouldn’t be faced with problem of flooding nowadays,”- Alfa Yinusa Muhammed,” Chairman Ugbewankwo CDA.


ORIDILU COMMUNITY is one of those neighbourhood found at the outskirts of Ifelodun LCDA in Lagos State. Attention is drawn to its inhabitants yearly once the rainy season begins. Residents are prone to struggling with challenges of flood and poor drainage system, and as a result of this, the traditional head of Oridilu community, Ba’ale Lateef Alade Olatunji has called for the support of the Ifelodun Local Council Development Area and Lagos State Government on how the problem of flood and poor drainage system can be tackled. He said: “This problem of flood is becoming unbearable yearly, we are appealing to the state government to come to our rescue,” he began. The traditional leader also claimed that residents of Oridilu community had been oriented on how to maintain proper hygienic system during and after this period of flood. He thanked management of Ifelodun Council Development Area for their support.

While on the challenges of flood and poor drainage system, the Chairman, Community Development Association (CDA), Ugbewankwo, Aiyetoro, Alfa Yinusa Muhammed said the contractors that were assigned to construct the drainage system were shoddy on their jobs, “We advised the contractor then, but he ignored our suggestions, now see the damaging effect of their work,” (pointing to the end of the culverts that leads to the canal).

On the problem of flooding, Ba’ale Lateef Alalde Olatunji said this period of rainy season is dangerous for primary school children who ply the wooden bridge, “Once every where is flooded, the wooden bridge becomes shaky and very dangerous for children to walk through.” He appealed to Governor Akinwunmi Ambode to look into how motorable bridge can be constructed as a replacement for the wooden bridge. This he said will not just end the nightmare of having children getting drowned, but also would ease the flow of traffic by serving as a link bridge between Badia and Boundary road in Ajegunle.