– Abstract template bothers on prescribed social behaviour, maintenance culture and rule of law. And only time will tell if Lagosians are ready to be socially regulated…



Reviewing abstract from the template of Mr. BabajideOlusolaSanwo-Olu, the All Progressives Congress (APC) gubernatorial candidate on traffic challenges across Lagos State metropolis, it becomes easier and merrier to adopt his pattern for a hitch free transportation system in the State.


The APC flag bearer, during his chat with online editors, communicates his intention to reduce gridlock in most parts of the city within six months.


Mr. BabajideSanwo-Olu revealed that major traffic spots have been identified in the city of Lagos and plans are underway to design quick fix templates. He also disclosed that some experts have been consulted.


The man who is hoping to take Lagos to the next level acknowledged the fact that traffic problem is all over the world, and which Lagos gridlock shouldn’t be an exemption.


According to the governorship candidate’s template on how to solve traffic jam in Lagos State, he stated thus:


“Part of the ways through which we’ll solve this problem is to identify areas where there are gridlocks and areas we can do what we call quick fixes. We’ll bring about innovations through creative thinking.


“There are areas where we have four lanes blocked but you have the other four lanes empty. Why can’t we think of a solution whereby, in the morning or whenever it is that this is blocked, let’s create two additional lanes from these four lanes that are empty?


“All we need to do is look at – how do we solve the issues around enforcement and management of it: where are the entry and exit points? Make this one six lanes in the morning when you are going, the other one two lanes and in the evening you do a reverse.


“You can solve some of these things without needing to build all of the things that are going to take you one or two years to build. It is the model that we use in some of the toll plazas. It’s going to take a lot of patience and enforcement.


“Not that it will solve all the traffic problems but we can design quick wins… Tomorrow I’ll be in a meeting with some gentlemen who have identified all the major gridlocks in Lagos. We are going to discuss the kinds of intervention that we’ll have and also consider quick wins high on impacts in our view and we’ll push it within our first six areas where there are gridlocks and areas we can do what we call quick fixes. We’ll bring about innovations through creative thinking,” he stated.


A cursory look into this abstract template may reawaken the bull in a China shop about Nigerian’s social system and especially in Lagos State. It is economically regrettable that everybody is always in a hurry in Lagos, and patience could be a scarce commodity when it comes to public decorum.


The approach being proposed by Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu may suffice in theory, but will have to undergo trial and error in reality.


Some cosmopolitan cities in Lagos State are legendary for her traffic jam. And these cities have defied ‘Peak periods’ according to commuters. They are unpredictable and may cause a middle class citizen to lose a job interview impulsively.


These areas such as the Badagry Expressway which includes Abule-Ado, ‘Volks’ at Ojo towards Iyana-Iba, and the bad portion of road towards Badagry from Agbara.


The Apapa-Oshodi Expressway and Apapa-Iganmu road has been impeded by petroleum tankers, and making the fly-over bridge to become susceptible to looming wreck.


Other cities in Ikeja, Lagos-Island, and Epe axis where occasional gridlock occurred are because of the ‘Peak periods’ when commuters and business owners are reporting to work or going home after the day’s job.


From the way it appears, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu is taking a departure from the habitual infrastructural development, as he has posited clearly that instead of building structures that will take a year or two to complete, creative thinking could be the recipe. Therefore, in order to create additional lanes during ‘Peak periods’ for commuters in Lagos, Mr. Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu administration, if elected as the governor of Lagos State must be ready to test the human endurance of road users.


Considerably, residents in Lagos must be oriented and re-orientated on the need for social regulation. There exist communiqué and other social enlightenment programmes undertook by the Ministry of Transportation and other relevant agencies in the past, but it appears that most road users and residents have not been able to conform to this public enlightenment.


The abstract template of the APC flag bearer from facial value appears to be an old wine in new bottle. Maintenance culture and respect for rules of law is the only recipe that will make residents to respect and conform to the social regulations that Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu is proposing in order to proffer solutions to Lagos traffic.


And while we wait for the outcome of the meeting with consultants on how to solve Lagos gridlock, residents of Okokomaiko and neighbouring environs maybe taking Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu’s new thinking for a better Lagos to the bank, because this template should be considering health implications faced by commuters in these areas, and hopefully the gridlock may be solved creatively and enable a stress free life for the people of Badagry division and others in Lagos State.