-Cerebral journalist turn Commissioner tutored CPS on the different job task of Media Aides and Information Officers

– Says Information units in Local Governments are yet to be officially matured into Departments that could warrant for the political office of Supervisor on information

– Declares Council Boss as Supervisors for information based on the law regulating Office of the Executive Chairmen

– Promised to facilitate media training for CPS in collaboration with Ministry of Local Government Affairs, Conference of Local Government Chairmen and Ministry of Information and Strategy

– As CPS joined on the bandwagon of well-wishers to celebrate Hon. Commissioner’s belated birthday



Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Hon. Kehinde Bamigbetan has vowed to lobby Council Chairmen across the 57 LGAs’ and LCDAs’ in Lagos State to reward Chief Press Secretaries {CPS} in the grassroots.


He made this known to Media Aides to Council Chairmen on Monday, during a courtesy visit of the CPS to the office of the Honourable Commissioner.


“I’ll lobby the Council Chairmen to reward CPS,” he began.


He commended work ethics of the group, saying their input through the social media at the last general elections in Lagos State was commendable.


He put it thus: “We acknowledged your professional expertise on the use of social media platforms to sell our candidates to the electorate and make the general public to be aware of our party manifestos.”


On the conflict of job task between Local Government’s Information Officers and Chief Press Secretaries to Council Chairmen, Hon. Bamigbetan was of the opinion that mutual relationship has always existed between the two offices at the State level. He posited that the job responsibilities of the two offices are mutually different.


“While the CPS promote the local government Chairman, the Information Officer publicize activities of the local government,” he said.


He added that the CPS works round the clock daily, but an Information Officer can only work within specified hours as prescribed by law.


In his words: “If the Chairman were to give out bonuses at festive period, a CPS will represent it in order to give mileage to the office and achievement of his Principal, but an Information Officer would represent such generous gesture as efforts of the local government to the members of staff.”


Chairman of CPS Conference 57, CPS Oseni Owolabi Ajimomuya from Shomolu LGA and some other few members of the group, had earlier highlighted some request they wanted the Honourable Commissioner to work on. Part of which includes making the office of CPS statutory in Lagos State and to ensure that there is an improved financial welfare package for some members of the group in their respective LGAs’ or LCDAs’.


In his response, Hon. Bamigbetan acknowledged the change in modern media practice, saying the job tasks of Information Officers have gone beyond radio and television, especially with the advent of social media platforms.


He explained further: “The office of Information is still a unit in local government, we are yet to officially introduce other units such as social media, grassroots research and other units before it can become a Department.

“We can have Supervisor for Information once the office is elevated to such status,” he declared.


He supported his views by revealing that laws regulating the office of the Executive Chairman makes the Council Boss Supervisor for information. According to him: “There is no information going out or coming in without the consent of the Executive Chairman.”


He promised to facilitate training programmes for CPS in collaboration with Ministry of Local Government Affairs, Conference 57 Chairmen and Ministry of Information and Strategy.


“We’ll look at ways on how to engage you in trainings that would enhance your skills as CPS,” he said.


He also empathized on the back breaking nature of CPS jobs as he calls for the media aides not to be distracted emotionally and financially in the discharge of their duties.

He pointed: “CPS job requires creativity, and such creativity will help to drive the image of the Chairman better. Hence their reward must be constant and always.”



CPS Fakunle Sheriff Ekundayo

PRO, CPS Conference 57

Tuesday April 2, 2019.