• To retrain teachers and improve their welfare Package in Ajegunle
  • To provide easy and affordable medical services in Ajeromi-Ifelodun Area
  • Engage Youths in Creative ventures that can make them become productive and self-reliant
  • To build recreational centres and import synthetic field for Soccer loving youths
  • Partner with Grand Master Lee and Others to Boost Entertainment Industry inside Ajegunle


The consensus candidate for the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ajeromi-Ifelodun Local Government Area, Hon. Fatai Adekunle Ayoola has become the new face of political discourse; Hon. Ayoola said he was ready to work with every member of APC, as he set out his four points agenda. In this interview with McAnthony Anaelechukwu of Community Watch and Fakunle Sheriff Ekundayo, the APC flag bearer at the next month local government election gave a snippet of his manifesto for the people of Ajeromi-Ifelodun Local Government Area. Excerpts…


Congratulations on your success as the APC Flagbearer in the forthcoming July 22 LG elections. Tell us about it.

Thank you. My name is Hon. Fatai Adekunle Ayoola, the chairmanship candidate of the All Progressives Congress in Nigeria, Ajeromi-Ifelodun LGA. By the grace of God, I will be the candidate of the Party in the July 22 elections. To be candid when my nomination was announced at the Teslim Balogun Stadium, Surulere, I was so elated and highly honoured; I was humbled by that victory. My believe is that I am not the most qualified, the most experienced or the most popular among the aspirants.

But after all said and done, I happened to emerge as the Party’s pick. I now resolved within myself that we have to be magnanimous in victory. Since then I have extended hands of friendship towards other co-aspirants so that they can join this train and let us work together to give Ajeromi-Ifelodun a new face.


What can be done to bring back those aspirants that lost out to the fold?

The Party mechanism is right now working on that. There is no winner; no loser as far as APC is concerned. There is going to be an avenue for them to also showcase what they have, by it on board so that the manifestos can be very deep and sound. We are going to have a round table talk, some of them are I have reached out to; had series of meetings with them; those that are not around have also called me on phone to congratulate me. So, it’s an ongoing process.


Preparations for July 22, 2017

My Party is fully on ground because like I told you previously, the PDP who happened to run the Federal government have lost to my Party, and we are now the ones in charge of affairs at the Federal, State and Local levels, so it’s going to be victory all the way for our Party. There are lots of disenchantments within the populace as to the performance of other parties despite the fact that we also have not been doing well because of the economic crunch, but then, we are still better off than any other party that you can think of at least we are not in factions


Your take on Jeff Joshua as an opponent

It’s a welcome development. This is democracy and I don’t see Jeff as a stumbling block towards my success. I see him as someone that is being carried shoulder high by some of the youths and I also think his nomination will keep us on our toes so that we would be able to do the needful at the right time.

Having said that, Jeff also has some backlog of the youthful exuberance in him, like the issue of the gun-running thing. It is presumed that you are innocent until proven guilty in a competent court of law. As a young boy growing up in Ajegunle, he shouldn’t have exhibited that high handedness by carrying guns around. I don’t carry guns, am a very liberal minded person; I live among the Ibos, Itsekiris, Urhobos, Yorubas, Hausas, Kanuris, Ijaws, just name it. And I grew up here unlike him who lives in FESTAC. So, that is going to be an added advantage when the chips are down.


Expectation as the next Chairman of Ajeromi-Ifelodun LGA

My manifesto cannot come into being in isolation from the manifesto of the Party, but out of the manifesto of the Party, I have zeroed down on a four-point agenda that will culminate into good governance.

The four-point agenda are; One, Education: I intend to do a lot of turning around in our educational system. I intend to build a new set of classrooms to accommodate the Ajegunle axis as far as secondary schools are concerned. I intend to retrain the teachers so that they can give in their best from time to time. I also intend to renovate some of the schools, because while we were going around we saw some structures that are so dilapidated that is not even good for animal habitation. So we would work on that in our first six months and make sure that these pupils get the best because I also attended a public school in Ajegunle. I attended Baptist primary school and I also attended Zumuratul Islamiya Primary School, Akere. So I know what it is. My children are also attending public schools in Ajegunle, so we’ll give it our best shot in that regard.

My second point agenda of importance is infrastructure; the road network. We intend to set up something that is very close to LAMATA, we have given it a name and drawn up a blue print. The moment we hit the ground running we are going to ask for approval from the Executive Governor. Their major preoccupation would be to maintain roads, all pot-holes, because that maintenance culture has been lacking in our polity. That we intend to bring up so that every month they will have allocation just to maintain the roads, while the local government would also work on road network and the viable ones that would bring economic prosperity to the generality of our people.

Having said that, we move to health. Health is wealth, the Yoruba people would say. “Ilera ni Ogun oro.” Before now, the private hospitals had been exploiting our people, but thank God for the previous governors from Sen. Ahmed Bola Tinubu to governor Fashola and right now the wonder boy, Governor Akinwunmi Ambode who has been doing tremendously well in bringing healthcare to the doorstep of the common man. We intend to work on this by upgrading our primary health care facilitates to the basic standard which is expected of them.

We also intend to pilot some health care facilities to run a 24hour programme because in times of emergency, most people cannot reach our facilities because of fear of being attacked by hoodlums and armed robbers. We will give adequate security to some of them that can be run with generating sets and all the doctors would be on standby to at least attend to emergencies before they can be transferred to the general hospital the following morning. These are our programmes.

We also intend to run free medical checks for the elderly. At least every 3 months, then we also intend to reduce the infant mortality rate by taking care of the pregnant women and the orphans and vulnerable children who are just coming into the world. The basic things they need like the vaccines for polio, and other vitamins which may hamper their development, that the government is going to provide.

For now, most of our facilities run a drug-free malaria programme, where you come; if you have malaria you get free drugs. So we intend to also look at how we can help by addressing those elderly who are hypertensive to get free medical care because one of the basic killers apart from malaria in tropical Africa right now is hypertension, so many people don’t even know their health status. So all these things are what we have on board.

Leaving that we go to women empowerment and youth emancipation; we intend to give periodic loans to some of our women to start up small scale businesses, so that if it is only fridges and freezers they can buy in their shops and sell minerals and water to people, they can earn a living from that instead of begging all the time we have political rallies.

We also intend to give our youths the necessary push most especially in music and sports. Ajegunle is known for its enormous potentials when it comes to sporting activities. So we intend to give our youths that push. We also intend to stay on the governor’s neck so that the Maracanna stadium can become a reality.

I also have my own programme. When I visited China the last time, the synthetic pitch would be brought to Ajegunle so that we can have a minimum of two or three areas where people can come and play football over the weekend and do some form of exercises and we invite some scouts to come and see what Ajegunle is made of.

We also intend to run Ajeromi-Ifelodun Chairman’s cup in a continuous manner where talents would be spotted and celebrated. In the musical world, we are partnering with people like Daddy Showkey, Grand Master Lee and the rest of them so that we can get the potentials from Ajegunle to be spotted around the world.

All this that I have mentioned boils down to good governance because when you talk about youth emancipation, it is to take them away from crime so in taking them away from crime, we intend to also equip the police to carry out their constitutional assignment by policing all the nooks and crannies of Ajegunle and make Ajegunle a better place for all.


Plans for your 53rd birthday on July 2nd

My birthday is usually a friends and family affair, but then, now that am a candidate of the APC, a lot of people will come on board to celebrate me. As time goes on, we will give you a detailed programme on how the birthday would look like. I think it would be in form of a think-tank celebration where people will come and give us ideas, most especially those that have ruled the local government before, like Prince Rabiu Adio Oluwa, Kamal Bayewu, the experiences of Hon. Kalejaiye, Hon. Kolawole Taiwo, Hon. Ladi Balogun and the rest of them will come handy when it comes to good governance at the grassroots, they have been there so I believe they also have one or two things to tell us. We will document all this things before the programme ends.


Who is your godfather?

God is my Godfather. The truth is that the godfatherism thing works for mediocre. But if you are good in what you are doing and people see the potentials in you, a lot of people will associate with you. Don’t forget that I have also paid my dues as far as the politics of Ajeromi-Ifelodun local government is concerned. I have been around since my secondary school days, running here and there with the Unity Party of Nigeria (UPN), I voted for some candidates then under the UPN before we now moved to the NRC/SDP era, before the USDP era.

It is a long haul and a long journey. But my joy is that ‘am a community man, I live within the community despite all what God has done for me in terms of prosperity, I still have that joy living within my people here in Ajegunle; so I know where the shoe pinches, I know where it hurts; I know what they need at a particular point in time because I am never far away from them. I think that spirit in me is what is keeping me among my people so that I can attend to their needs from time to time. If these are spotted by some people up there, they would partner with you and see you as a partner in progress, not somebody who just come once in a while to Ajegunle and run away.


Fear of your government’s influence by powers that be

All governments have influences from here and there. No government is foolproof. We also have party leadership and hierarchy and the supremacy of the party cannot be questioned. The Party has manifesto and programmes, so if you are derailing from the Party’s programmes, you may be called to order, look these are what the Party promised the masses so you must go to that direction. So the direction of the Party cannot be taken away and I subscribe to the Party’s direction or directive from time to time.


Will you be accessible to the people after the elections?

Like I told you, I am one of the very few people who are into politics that lived all their lives in Ajegunle. I intend to also maintain that because you are here now and right behind you there is my lastborn, he is a British citizen, he lives in Ajegunle, attends Model school in Achakpo. As a British citizen, he could have as well stayed put in London and study; but at least I want him to feel what we, his parents also felt while we were growing up, he’s going to be streetwise and see what Africa is like. Even if he going to go back in later years for his university or to do his masters, at least his upbringing must reflect the Ajegunle blood in him. I will not leave my people, I will stay within them and I will be accessible at all times that is my pledge.


Thank you very much sir for your time.

You are welcome