Like every other day inside the Council Secretariat of Ajeromi-Ifelodun Local Government Area, Monday September 16, 2019 was not an exception. Rarely did the people who had thronged office of the National Identity Management Commission {NIMC}, popularly known as National Identity Card office, that September 16 was the national day to celebrate NIMC nationwide.

So, we asked Mrs. Nwabunnia Chibuzor, Cluster Head for NIMC in Ajeromi-Ifelodun Local Government Area and Ifelodun Local Council Development Area, on the importance of National Identity Day.

According to her, the day was celebrated in order to create awareness on the importance of National Identity Card.

More so, Mrs. Chibuzor reiterated the fact that it was important residents of Ajif LGA and Ifelodun LCDA, identifies with mode of operations in NIMC, and that the general public should have their data base with them.

In terms of public awareness for the National Identity Card, Cluster Head for NIMC, Mrs. Nwabunnia Chibuzor said the public orientation for the project has been successful. She posited that over 1,000 people have been registered. She was of the view that the holiday period for academic activities in Lagos State afforded most parents to register their Wards and have their data base with them.
Stressing the importance of National Identity Card which Mrs. Chibuzor said cannot be over-emphasized, will enable individual to register their identity and get a National Identity Number {NIN}. Such would be accrued to the owner for life. NIMC will ensure that all other important cards such as Voters’ registration card, National Insurance Scheme, and every other national registration cards shall be harmonized as one into the National Identity Card from NIMC.

“By the Act with which the National Identity Management Commission was created, we are the custodian of all data in Nigeria…Be it the Customs, Police, Population Commission, National Health Insurance Scheme and other government institutions shall log on into our data to verify information,” she said.

She added that NIMC is the data bank to which every other government agencies shall log into for information.

On the subject of purported temporary slip given to those who have registered, Mrs. Chibuzor corrected the impression that the slip can be properly referred to as NIN Slip. She said the number on it is permanent and at such is equivalent to United State of America social security number.

To her, the number on the NIN Slip shall be used to verify an individual identity at all times. And that the NIN Slip otherwise known as Secured Identity Number {SIN}, should not be classified as temporary because it serves its own purpose and that the 11 digits on the NIN Slip shall be used to verify individual’s identity.

She however posited that a master card shall be given to replace the NIN Slip in the long run, and with the 11 digit still relevant, will not be replicated with another individual after death of the real owner.

On validity of the master card, Mrs. Chibuzor said it has a five year life span, but the document in its is forever.
She concluded by encouraging others who are yet to get enrolled to look out for efficient and reliable data gathering from NIMC as part of celebration for National Identity Card.
It was gathered that every September 16 in Nigeria is celebrated as National Identity Day.