“Ajegunle Music is a tradition that the youths cannot depart from,”- J-SMART

How J- Smart discovers new Ajegunle beats for promising Music Stars in the Ghetto

Ajegunle is a cosmopolitan city  known for her size in population. In it abounds multi-ethnic groups who live peacefully. And over time music and soccer are synonymous to the popularity of the city inside Lagos State.

Teenagers grew up into learning lyrics of some local music stars that have become a household name. Such of these are Daddy Showkey, Baba Fryo, Marvelous Benji, and recently the likes of Oritsefemi, Allen B, and Flektaman among others forms the nucleus of Ajegunle recording artistes’ sensation.

The recent crop of musical artists’ such as Restless, Kosere and Whytie have emerged in the street, their lyrical style has birthed a new opening for emotional affinity among teenagers and youths who craved for street credibility in Ajegunle. We spoke to J- Smart, a music producer, he shares his experience on the rise of Ajegunle new lyrics, write Iliyasu Taiwo.

J-Smart is an unassuming music producer, whose work among Ajegunle artistes cannot be over-emphasized. According to him, working with new set of Ajegunle singers has given him the opportunity to explore musical production in the aspect of reggae dancehall and Afro Hip-Hop.On how he came about producing these new acts, J-Smart said: “These boys will come in groups, will contribute money, write their names and have a singer do a song with it,” he said. J-Smart went further to say that the demands of these groups of boys to have an artiste praise them was what gave rise to a new beat. “They believe that having an artiste praising them in a song gives them pleasure,” he began. According to him, finding the right beats for such fast pace lyrics is another step for a producer to master. He claimed that songs from the likes of Restless, Kosere, Whyte and others were produced by him. And that as long as the boys keep coming to have a singer do their songs, he will continue to produce beat.

On the acceptance of the new lyrics in Ajegunle style of music, the handsome looking J-Smart was of the opinion that this brand of music is usually disregarded at mainstream entertainment, but insisted that Ajegunle songs have come to stay, hence should be supported by government and relevant stakeholders. He said: “Ajegunle music is a tradition, and the youths cannot depart from it.”The grassroots music producer said he was pleased with himself to have produced for these local superstars. “I know that with the right kind of support, mainstream media will come to appreciate and respect Ajegunle songs as another brand of musical genre in Nigeria,” he said.The likes of Kosere, Restless and Whytie among others are considered natural geniuses whose creativity, if well managed can take Ajegunle music to the top of world map. According to J-Smart, “These guys (artistes) are creative, you call them, and in a twinkling of an eye, they start composing those names into lyrics, and I have no choice but to produce the right beat to lay the songs on,” he said proudly.