The Ajegunle Fashion and Design Week (AJFDW) which afforded tourists and fashion enthusiasts to admire and buy some locally made fashion accessories and other social and domestic products yesterday (Saturday, November 17, 2018) at the complex of Abayomi Awodi-Ora hall in Ajegunle, continues to redefine the fundamental approach by the organisers of the biggest fashion  show in AJIF, and justified why Nigerians must patronise made in Nigeria goods.


Ever since inception of AJFDW some few years ago, the event has continued to wax stronger, accruing respectable acknowledgment from far and within. No wonder the Hon. Fatai Adekunle Ayoola’s APC led administration aligned with the economical and talent objectives of this project.


The street show of AJFDW in 2016 began the evolution of one of the bravest and grandest show in Ajegunle. Now with such perception to communicate the gains and hidden talent beneath this project, Prince Ogaga and Stanley Akpomejeme have stretched the dream of AJFDW beyond the shores of Ajegunle, Lagos State and now to abroad where potential fashion industry are ready to cash in, on the raw talents of models, runway prodigies and fashion designers.


The show, judging from her speedy effect in this community, should serve as an economic platform for up and coming entrepreneurs to exhibit their profound talents. The relative success in assembling entrepreneurs to display their wares yesterday must continue in other platforms. It is high time our cosmic society embraced the essence of corporate marketing. We must begin to invest in ourselves for the growth of ourselves.


Away from the economic value of yesterday’s exhibition in AJFDW, today promises to spotlight budding talents on the runway. This will afford designers to exhibit their fashion diversity through the models that are billed for performances.

Recording artistes and other entertainers are poised to grace the runway with mind-blowing performances, and surely Ajegunle and the world is ready for it.

The Ajegunle Fashion and Design Week has come to stay, the world can only wait and experience another master class event in Ajegunle from Prince Ogaga Wowo and Stanley Akpomejeme.

Surely you wouldn’t miss this for a night…wait for it!